Baital pachisi…

Baital pachisi is the collection of stories written by a great scholar Somdev Bhatt in 11th century. It is found in katha sarit sagar originally written in sanskrit. These stories were narrated by baital (a celestial spirit)to King Vikramaditya.
King Vikram was the great king and he possessed every quality of the great ruler. One day in his court a tantrik(mendicant) came to request his help. Since King Vikram was devoted towards the help for his people , he quickly asked what he can do for him. To which tantrik replies that he wanted the baital for the completion of rituals for the deity.But bringing him to tantrik is not an easy task and only a brave warrior like King Vikram has the ability to do that and thats why he came up with this request in his court.
King Vikram readily accepts his request and reached in the jungle where baital was hanging on the tree upside down.
After the struggle between King Vikram and baital, Vikram put him on his shoulder and started his journey towards tantrik. Baital told Vikram that now finally he is taking him towards tantrik and he can’t do anything so he will told a story during their journey. But it has two conditions , first Vikram will not speak in the entire journey otherwise he will leave and second at the end of the story baital will ask a question and if King knows the answer he has to give it otherwise his head will blown into several pieces.
To which king agrees and baital started the story.
But after every story narrated by baital, king Vikram knows the answer and after hearing the answer , betaal left. This cycle continued for twenty five days and finally seeing the bravery and determination of king vikram, baitaal got impressed. Baitaal got ready to go with king vikram and also told him the true motive of the tantrik and the way also by which he can save himself from the evil plans of tantrik.
These are spellbinding stories of knowledge and wisdom.
I request all my friends that if they are not aware of this source of knowledge, please find time to read such a masterpiece and share it with your family and friends.

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