International Picnic Day😀😀😀

The word ‘picnic’ comes from the French Language and it describes a type of informal outdoor meal which was a popular pastime in France after the Revolution. It is celebrated in many countries but the origin of this day is not known. 

International Picnic Day is observed on June 18, every year. It is a day to encourage people to relax for a while and enjoy a little time in the lap of nature, with friends and family. In the early days, people love to spend hours on a picnic with their loved ones.
People all around the world love to go on picnics. It also give us a little break from our monotonous lives. Families used to carry food, outdoor games, soft drinks, juices and other essentials to share it with their friends. According to the Guinness Book of World records, the largest Picnic took place in Portugal.

Due to the lockdown, there are restrictions for people to conduct social gathering. But someone said so truly that,
 ‘A picnic is a state of mind and can be made anywhere.’

On this Picnic Day, let us all celebrate with our loved ones at home.
● Spend some quality time with your family either in the balcony or in the lawn.
● Prepare some delicious dishes and eat it together.
● Play some games like a business, ludo, carrom or other board games.
● Spend the day without your phone and dedicate your day just for your family.
● Play your favorite musical instruments (if any) for your family.
● Listen some soothing songs along with your loved ones.

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